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damage on New generation Composite aircrafts

 damage on New generation Composite aircrafts

  • Though composite structure aircraft brings many advantages to airlines, maintenance of them can be tricky at times.
  • However, few steps can make life easier, if we break it down till damage location, dimensions & inspections.
  • Damage to composite materials usually require the intervention of a qualified Non-Destructive Testing(NDT) man to conduct inspections using ultrasound.
  • But, the robustness of carbon fiber fuselage allows release of the aircraft temporarily under ADL (Allowable Damage Limit including Lightening strikes -let's say under an inch), without doing the NDT.
  • An OEM-supplied portable ‘GO/NO-GO’ tool is of great help, without needing a qualified NDT guy, if ADL exceeds.
  • Non-structural cosmetic repairs: Temporary High Speed Tape (HST) is the efficient way to release an aircraft, atleast 600 FC.
  • Non-structural Permanent repair: Hot bonding Pre-preg repairs or RT repairs using resin, adhesive, dry fibre & consumables.
  • Structural repair of large damages on Composite fuselage are done using SRM temporary repairs (standard metallic bolted doublers) or permanent precured doublers.
  • Always use AMM/SRM for ADLs & Repairs !

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