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Principles of Weight and Balance Computations

 Principles of Weight and Balance Computations

  • It might be advantageous at this point to review and discuss some of the basic principles of weight and balance determination.
  •  The following method of computation can be applied to any object or vehicle for which weight and balance information is essential.
  • By determining the weight of the empty aircraft and adding the weight of everything loaded on the aircraft, a total weight can be determined—a simple concept.
  •  A greater problem, particularly if the basic principles of weight and balance are not understood, is distributing this weight in such a manner that the entire mass of the loaded aircraft is balanced around a point (CG) that must be located within specifi ed limits.
  • The point at which an aircraft balances can be determined by
  • locating the CG, which is, as stated in the defi nitions of terms, the imaginary point at which all the weight is concentrated.
  •  To provide the necessary balance between longitudinal stability and elevator control, the CG is usually located slightly forward of the center of lift.
  • This loading condition causes a nose-down tendency in fl ight, which is desirable during
  • fl ight at a high AOA and slow speeds.

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