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  • Semimonocoque construction, partial or one-half, uses a substructure to which the airplane’s skin is attached.
  • The substructure, which consists of bulkheads and/or formers of various sizes and stringers, reinforces the stressed skin by taking some of the bending stress from the fuselage.
  • The main section of the fuselage also includes wing attachment points and a firewall.
  • On single-engine 737 airplane, the engine is usually attached to the front of the fuselage.
  •  There is a fi reproof partition between the rear of the engine and the fl ight deck or
  • cabin to protect the pilot and passengers from accidental engine fi res.
  •  This partition is called a fi rewall and is usually made of heat-resistant material such as stainless steel.
  •  However, a new emerging process of construction is the integration of composites or aircraft made entirely of composites.

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