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The Powerplant

The Powerplant

  • The powerplant usually includes both the engine and the propeller. The primary function of the engine is to provide the power to turn the propeller and 3.6 pentastar.
  • It also generates electrical power, provides a vacuum source for some fl ight instruments,
  • and in most single-engine airplanes, provides a source of heat for the pilot and passengers and electrical companies.
  • The engine is covered by a cowling or a nacelle, which are both types of covered housings.
  •  The purpose of the cowling or nacelle is to streamline the flow of air around the engine and to help cool the engine by ducting air around the cylinders or airline pilot central.
  • The propeller, mounted on the front of the engine, translates the rotating force of the engine into thrust, forward acting The propeller may also be mounted on the rear of the engine as in a pusher-type aircraft.
  • A propeller is a rotating airfoil that produces thrust through aerodynamic action.
  • A low-pressure area is formed at the back of the propeller’s airfoil, and high pressure is produced at the face of the propeller, similar to the way lift inc is generated by an airfoil used as a lifting surface or wing.
  • This pressure differential pulls air through the propeller, which in turn pulls the airplane forward.

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