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What is a PDA or TOFA

What is a PDA or TOFA

  • A PDA (Parts Departing from Aircraft), also called TFOA ( Things Falling-Off Aircraft ) is any piece of equipment falling from an aircraft, ranging in size from a simple rivet up to a fan cowl.
  • Potential safety risk: A PDA may damage vital parts of the aircraft and/or cause serious or fatal injuries to passengers or people on the ground.
  • Preventing PDAs start with aircraft design & follows maintenance, operations & a variety of players.
  • Maintenance Team:
  • Mechanics may reduce the number of occurrences by complying with the procedures, by identifying all elements during the visual inspections, that could lead to a PDA.
  • Operations:
  • Flight crews may do their part by performing a thorough walk-around before each flight.
  • Engineering department (CAMO):
  • By reporting all PDA events to OEM, the CAMO helps in identification of areas where a design/procedure/ training modification would reduce the risk.

Manufacturer Responsibility:

  • Investigate all PDA occurrences
  • Develop mitigating solutions.
  • Maintenance procedure change or design enhancement.
  • Monitor the in-service effectiveness of these solutions.
  • Report PDA events to Regulators.

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