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Air Data Computer (ADC)

 Air Data Computer (ADC)

  • Electronic fl ight displays utilize the the same type of instrument inputs as traditional analog gauges; however, the processing system is different.
  •  The pitot static inputs are received by an ADC. The ADC computes the difference between the total pressure and the static pressure, and generates the information necessary to display the airspeed on the PFD.
  •  Outside air temperatures are also monitored and introduced into various components within the system, as well as being displayed on the PFD screen.
  • The ADC is a separate solid state device which, in addition to providing data to the PFD, is capable of providing data to the autopilot control system.
  •  In the event of system malfunction,
  • the ADC can quickly be removed and replaced in order to decrease down time and maintenance turn-around times.
  • Altitude information is derived from the static pressure port just as an analogue system does; however, the static pressure does not enter a diaphragm.
  •  The ADC computes the received barometric pressure and sends a digital signal to the PFD to
  • display the proper altitude readout.
  • Electronic fl ight displays also show trend vectors which show the pilot how the altitude
  • and airspeed are progressing.

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