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Blocked Static System

 Blocked Static System

  • If the static system becomes blocked but the pitot tube remains clear, the ASI continues to operate; however, it is inaccurate.
  • The airspeed indicates lower than the actual airspeed when the aircraft is operated above the altitude where the static ports became blocked because the trapped static pressure is higher than normal for that altitude.
  • When operating at a lower altitude, a faster than actual airspeed is displayed due to the
  • relatively low static pressure trapped in the system.
  • Revisiting the ratios that were used to explain a blocked pitot tube, the same principle applies for a blocked static port.
  •  If the aircraft descends, the static pressure increases on the pitot side showing an increase on the ASI.
  • This assumes that the aircraft does not actually increase its speed.
  • The increase in static pressure on the pitot side is equivalent to an increase in dynamic pressure since the pressure can not change on the static side.

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