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Climb Performance

Climb Performance

  • Climb performance is a result of using the aircrafts potential energy provided by one, or a combination of two factors.
  •  The fi rst is the use of excess power above that required for level fl ight.
  • An aircraft equipped with an engine capable of 200 horsepower (at a given altitude) but using 130 horsepower to sustain level fl ight (at a given airspeed) has 70 excess horsepower available for climbing.
  • A second factor is that the aircraft can tradeoff its kinetic energy and increase its potential energy by reducing its airspeed.
  •  The reduction in airspeed will increase the aircraft’s potential energy thereby
  • also making the aircraft climb.
  •  Both terms, power and thrust are often used in aircraft performance however, they should
  • not be confused.

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