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Dew and Frost

 Dew and Frost

  • On cool, calm nights, the temperature of the ground and objects on the surface can cause temperatures of the surrounding air to drop below the dew point.
  •  When this occurs, the moisture in the air condenses and deposits itself on the ground, buildings, and other objects like cars and aircraft.
  • This moisture is known as dew and sometimes can be seen on the grass in the morning.
  •  If the temperature is below freezing, the moisture is deposited in the form of frost.
  •  While dew poses no threat to an aircraft, frost poses a defi nite fl ight safety hazard.
  • Frost disrupts the flow of air over the wing and can drastically reduce the production of lift.
  • It also increases drag, which, when combined with lowered lift production, can adversely
  • affect the ability to take off.
  •  An aircraft must be thoroughly cleaned and free of frost prior to beginning a fl ight.

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