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Frise-Type Ailerons

Frise-Type Ailerons

  • With a frise-type aileron, when pressure is applied to the control wheel or control stick, the aileron that is being raised pivots on an offset hinge.
  •  This projects the leading edge of the aileron into the airflow and creates drag.
  • It helps equalize the drag created by the lowered aileron on the opposite wing and reduces adverse yaw.
  • The frise-type aileron also forms a slot so air flows smoothly over the lowered aileron, making it more effective at high angles of attack.
  •  Frise-type ailerons may also be designed to function differentially.
  •  Like the differential aileron, the frise-type aileron does not eliminate adverse yaw entirely.
  • Coordinated rudder application is still needed wherever ailerons are applied.

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