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Honeycomb Structure

Honeycomb Structure

  • Theory A sandwich construction is a structural panel concept that consists in its simplest form of two relatively thin, parallel face sheets bonded to and separated by a relatively thicklightweight core.

  • The core supports the face sheets against buckling and resists out-of-plane shear loads. The the core must have high shear strength and compression stiffness.

  • The honeycomb has received the name because these structures are similar to the honeycomb naturally made by honeybees

  • usually made hexagonal in the honeycomb structure. At the connection points, the adhesives means and the parts forming the core are connected. The use of honey pheasant sandwich structures has become widespread with the perfecting of the bonding of the core material to the upper and lower surfaces.

  • As the number of cells per unit area in the core structure increases as the connection thickness increases, the strength of the core structures against bending, pressing, peeling, cutting and impact forces increases

  • Honeycomb core is available with different cell sizes. Small sizes provide better support for sandwich face sheets. Honeycomb is also available in different  densities.

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