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Interference Drag

Interference Drag

  • Interference drag comes from the the intersection of airstreams that creates eddy currents, turbulence, or restricts smooth airfl ow.
  • For example, the intersection of the wing and the fuselage at the wing root has significant interference drag.
  • Air fl owing around the fuselage collides with air flowing over the wing, merging into a current of air different from the two original currents.
  •  The most interference drag is observed when two surfaces meet at perpendicular angles.
  • Fairings are used to reduce this tendency.
  • If a jet fi ghter carries two identical wing tanks, the overall drag is greater than the sum of the individual tanks because both of these creatures and generate interference drag.
  •  Fairings and distance between lifting surfaces and external components (such as radar antennas hung from wings) reduce interference drag.


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