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 TKS weeping wing anti-ice

  • Another type of leading-edge protection is the thermal anti-ice system.
  •  Heat provides one of the most effective methods for preventing ice accumulation on an airfoil.
  • High-performance turbine aircraft often direct hot air from the compressor section of the engine to the leading edge surfaces.
  • The hot air heats the leading edge surfaces suffi ciently to prevent the formation of ice.
  • A newer type of thermal anti-ice system referred to as thermawing uses electrically heated graphite foil laminate applied to the leading edge of the wing and horizontal stabilizer.
  • Thermawing systems typically have two zones of heat application.
  • One zone on the leading edge receives continuous heat; the second zone further aft receives
  • heat in cycles to dislodge the ice allowing aerodynamic forces to remove it.
  •  Thermal anti-ice systems should be activated prior to entering icing conditions.

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