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airspeed indicator

 airspeed indicator

  • Enhancements to the Primary Flight Instruments Some PFDs offer enhancements to the primary flight instruments.
  • airspeed indicator that displays reference speeds (V-speeds) and operating ranges for the aircraft.
  •  Operating ranges are depicted using familiar color coding on the airspeed indicator.
  •  One negative human  remembered: while most of the displays are intuitive in that a high indication (such as climb pitch or vertical speed) is corrected by lowering the nose of the aircraft, the situation with the usual airspeed vertical tape is the opposite.
  •  In most current displays, the lower speeds are at the lower side of the airspeed indicator, while the upper or higher speeds are in the top portion of the airspeed display area.
  • Therefore, if a low airspeed is indicated, you must lower the nose of the aircraft to increase, which is counterintuitive to the other indications.

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