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Damage Repairable by Patching

 Damage Repairable by Patching

  • Damage repairable by patching is any damage exceeding negligible damage limits that can be repaired by installing splice members to bridge the damaged portion of a structural part.
  • The splice members are designed to span the damaged areas and to overlap the existing undamaged surrounding structure.
  • The splice or patch material used in internal riveted and bolted repairs is normally the same type of material as the damaged part, but one gauge heavier.
  •  In a patch repair, filler plates of the same gauge and type of material as that in the damaged component may be used for bearing purposes or to return the damaged part to its original contour.
  • Structural fasteners are applied to members and the surrounding structure to restore the original load-carrying characteristics of the damaged area.
  •  The use of patching depends on the extent of the damage and the accessibility of the component to be repaired.

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