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Fuel/Air Mixtures

 Fuel/Air Mixtures

  • Gasoline and other liquid fuels do not burn at all unless they are mixed with air. If the mixture is to burn properly within the engine cylinder, the ratio of air to fuel must be kept within a certain range.
  •  It would be more accurate to state that the fuel is burned with the oxygen in the air.
  • Seventy-eight percent of air by volume is nitrogen, which is inert and does not participate in the combustion process, and 21 percent is oxygen. Heat is generated by burning the mixture of gasoline
  • and oxygen.
  •  Nitrogen and gaseous byproducts of combustion absorb this heat energy and turn it into power by expansion.
  • The mixture of the proportion of fuel and air by weight is of extreme importance to engine performance.
  •  The characteristics of a given mixture can be measured in terms of flame speed and
  • combustion temperature.

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