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Power Transfer Unit

 Power Transfer Unit

  • The PTU is a fixed-displacement, unidirectional device used to transfer fluid power from hydraulic system 1 to hydraulic system 2 without sharing fluid between systems.
  • The PTU includes two fixed-displacement axial piston rotating groups housed separately and connected through a common mounting plate by a driveshaft.
  •  Because the PTU can only operate in one direction, the motor side is somewhat larger in displacement than the
  • pump side to maintain system pressure.
  • The case drain port of the pump side is used to route internal leakage, cooling, and idle bypass flow back to the
  • reservoir.
  • The idle bypass flow permits the smooth and continuous operation of the PTU at all demands.
  • A fixed-displacement, unidirectional PTU consists of a hydraulic motor and a hydraulic pump typically bolted together through a common mounting plate and coupled by a drive shaft.

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