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Turbine Section

 Turbine Section

  • The turbine transforms a portion of the kinetic (velocity) energy of the exhaust gases into mechanical energy to drive the gas generator compressor and accessories.
  •  The sole purpose of the gas generator turbine is to absorb approximately 60 to 70 percent of the total pressure energy from the exhaust gases.
  •  The exact amount of energy absorption at the turbine is determined by the load the turbine is driving (i.e., compressor size and type, number of accessories, and the load applied by the other turbine stages).
  •  These turbine stages can be used to drive a low-pressure compressor (fan), propeller, and shaft.
  • The turbine section of a gas turbine engine is located aft, or downstream, of the combustion chamber.
  •  Specifically, it is directly behind the combustion chamber outlet. The turbine assembly consists of two basic elements: turbine inlet guide vanes and turbine blades.
  • The stator element is known by a variety of names, of which turbine inlet nozzle vanes, turbine inlet guide vanes, and nozzle diaphragm are three of the most commonly used.
  • The turbine inlet nozzle vanes are located directly aft of the combustion chambers and immediately forward of the turbine wheel.
  •  This is the highest or hottest temperature that comes in contact with metal components in the engine.
  •  The turbine inlet temperature must be controlled or damage will occur to
  • the turbine inlet vanes.

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