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Airloc Fasteners

 Airloc Fasteners


The Airloc fastener consists of three parts: a stud, a cross pin, and a stud receptacle.  The studs are manufactured from steel and casehardened to prevent excessive wear. The stud hole is reamed for a press fit of the cross pin.

The total amount of material thickness to be secured with the Airloc fastener must be known before the correct length of stud can be selected for installation. The total thickness of material that each stud satisfactorily locks together is stamped on the head of the stud in thousandths of an inch (0.040, 0.070, 0.190, and so forth). Studs are manufactured in three head styles: flush, oval, and wing.

The cross pin is manufactured from chrome-vanadium steel and heat treated to provide maximum strength, wear, and holding power. [Figure 7-61] It should never be used the second time; once removed from the stud, replace it with a new pin.


Receptacles for Airloc fasteners are manufactured in two types: rigid and floating. Number—No. 2, No. 5, and No. 7, classifies sizes. They are also classified by the center-to­center distance between the rivet holes of the receptacle: No. 2 is 34 inch; No. 5 is 1 inch; and No. 7 is 138 inch. Receptacles are fabricated from high-carbon, heat-treated steel. An upper wing assures ejection of the stud when unlocked and enables the cross pin to be held in a locked position between the upper wing, cam, stop, and wing detent, regardless of the tension to which the receptacle is subjected.

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