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Nozzle Guide Vanes in Gas Turbine Engines

Nozzle Guide Vanes in Gas Turbine Engines

  • Nozzle guide vanes or NGV are of an aerofoil shape with the passage between adjacent vanes forming a convergent duct.
  •  The vanes are located in the turbine casing in a manner that allows for expansion. The stator blades of a turbine. They are convex and shaped like airfoils.
  • They direct the airflow onto the turbine blades while at the same time converting pressure energy into kinetic energy.
  • Gases coming from the combustion chamber pass through the nozzle guide vanes, where because of their convergent shape they accelerate.
  • On passing through the NVGs, gases are given a “spin” or a “swirl” in the direction of the rotation of the turbine rotor blades. The latter absorb this energy, causing the turbine to rotate at a high speed.
  • *Notes
  • The nozzle guide vanes are usually of hollow form and may be cooled by passing compressor delivery air through them to reduce the effects of high thermal stresses and gas loads.


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