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Pack mean on commercial/ Buisness Jets Airconditioning system

  Pack mean on commercial/ Buisness Jets Airconditioning system

  • Most of us in the Aircraft Maintenance industry are well familiar with the term called Packs when associated with airconditiong systems but what is the full abbreviation of pack?
  • The acronym for Pack may vary according to aircraft manufacturers
  • where the airconditiong equipment is referred to variously as PAC, air conditioning pack, or A/C pack, but there is a lack of consistency and agreement as to the derivations and meanings:

  • Packs as an abbreviation of package, applied to both pneumatic and non-pneumatic systems (Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier and Lockheed)

  • There are various terms depending on how he manufacturers of particular aircraft labels them. Pack as an acronym meaning either Passenger Air Conditioning kit or pneumatic air conditioning kit or Pressurization air-conditioning kit or Pneumatic air cycle kit.

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