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Preflight /Walkaround Inspection.

 Preflight /Walkaround Inspection.

A preflight inspection (also called a walk around) is an essential requirement before an aircraft flies!

The main items on preflight checks are following:

*structural integrity: undamaged and ready to fly

*sensors: antennas, probes undamaged not have anything blocking them or adhering to them

*clean flight surfaces: control surfaces smooth and clean; wings must not have ice.

*no leaks: hydraulic fluid, oil, fuel, and other critical liquids not leaking out of aircraft

*coverings, control locks, covers removed: all chocks, protective coverings locks removed before the flight and stowed

*Tire wear: wear on the tires is not excessive and within limits

*fasteners present and correct all bolts, shims, nuts and other fasteners should be present, undamaged, and correctly installed

*hatches and fairings : Small doors, fairings , cowlings latched and secure.

*lights ok: lights operative, lenses no cracks or other defects

*Blades ok: propeller /Fan /turbine blades condition

Overlooking any of these sorts of items can cause serious accidents or incidents in flight or during takeoff and landing.

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