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The danger of Bird strike

 The danger of Bird strike

  • A bird strike usually occurs when a moving airplane collides with a bird. The bird can hit any part of an airplane and in all cases it will be called a bird strike.Bird strike may seem normal but they can result in catrospohic disasters at time to know incidents which has brought down Airliners.
  • When a bird even a small one hits a plane, you would hear a bang sound. If a small bird is sucked into an engine, it usually goes through the core of the engine and reaches air conditioning systems. People onboard might smell an odor similar to roasted chicken.

  • If a bird is flying very close to the windows, you might also assume that some of them might hit either wings, engines, or the stabilizer of the aircraft. In such a case, the aircraft crew tells air traffic controllers that they might have a bird strike and there might be a need for the so-called bird strike inspection upon the arrival. If the plane crew thinks that there might have been a bird strike, first they would check the engine parameters to make sure that the engines are not fluctuating.
  • As birds fly at lower altitudes, most frequently plane collisions with them occur during a takeoff, initial ascent approach, or landing. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, 90% of bird strike incidents happen around airports. As per the Federal Aviation Administration, about 63% of bird-related accidents occur during daylight hours, because birds typically fly during the day.

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