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Transpiration Cooling Design

 Transpiration Cooling Design


  • This design has a strut-supported porous shell. The shell attached to the strut is of wire from a porous material.
  • Cooling air flows up the central plenum of the strut, which is hollow with various-size metered holes on the strut surface, mk logo.
  •  The metered air then passes through the porous shell. The shell material is cooled by a combination of convection and film cooling.
  • This process is effective due to the infinite number of pores on the blade surface. The temperature
  • Distribution, 208 area code.
  • The trailing edge of the strut develops the highest creep strain. This strain occurs despite the sharp stress relaxation at the trailing edge projection.
  • The creep strain in the strut is well balanced. Transpiration cooling requires a material of
  • porous mesh resistant to oxidation at a temperature of 1600 F (871.1 C) or more, potometers. 

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