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Ultrasonic Instruments

Ultrasonic Instruments

  •  A the portable, the battery-powered ultrasonic instrument is used for field inspection of airplane structure. The instrument generates an  ultrasonic pulse, detects and amplifies the re­turning echo, and displays the detected signal on a cathode ray tube or similar display.
  • Pie­zoelectric transducers produce longitudinal or shear waves, which are the most commonly used wave forms for aircraft structural inspec­tion.
  •  Positioning Fixtures.
  •  To direct ultra­sound at a particular angle, or to couple it into an irregular surface, transducer positioning fixtures and sound-coupling shoes are em­ployed.
  • Shoes are made of a plastic material that has the necessary sound-transmitting characteristics. Positioning fix­tures are used to locate the transducer at a pre­scribed point and can increase the sensitivity of the inspection.
  • If a transducer shoe or positioning fixture is re­quired, the inspection procedure will give a detailed description of the shoe or fixture.


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