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Compressor Surge

 Compressor Surge

  • Compressor surge is a phenomenon of considerable interest; yet it is not fully understood. It is a form of unstable operation and should be avoided.
  •  It is a phenomenon that, unfortunately, occurs frequently, sometimes with damaging results.
  •  The surge has been traditionally defined as the lower limit of stable operation in a compressor, and it involves the reversal of flow. This reversal of flow occurs because of some kind of aerodynamic instability within the system.
  • Usually, a part of the compressor is the cause of the aerodynamic instability, although it is possible for the system arrangement to be capable of augmenting this instability.
  • Compressors usually are operated at a working line, separated by some safety margin from the surge line.
  •  Extensive investigations have been conducted on surge.
  •  Poor quantitative universality or aerodynamic loading capacities of different blades and stators, and an inexact knowledge of boundary-layer behavior make the exact prediction of flow in the compressor at the off-design stage
  • Difficult.

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