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  • The radial-inflow turbine, or inward-flow radial turbine, has been in use for
  • many years.
  •  Basically a centrifugal compressor with the reversed flow and opposite rotation, the inward-flow radial turbine is used for smaller loads and over a smaller operational range than the axial turbine.
  • Radial-inflow turbines are only now beginning to be used because little was known about them heretofore. Axial turbines have enjoyed tremendous interest due to their low frontal area, making them suited to the aircraft industry. However, the axial machine is much longer than the radial machine, making it unsuited to certain applications. Radial turbines are used in turbochargers and in some types of expanders.
  • The inward-flow radial turbine has many components similar to a centrifugal compressor.
  • There are two types of inward-flow radial turbines: the cantilever and the mixed-flow.
  •  The cantilever type is similar to an axial-flow turbine, but it has radial blading.
  •  However, the cantilever turbine is not popular because of design and production difficulties.

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