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  • Heavy-duty regenerators are designed for applications in large gas turbines in the 1–50 MW range.
  •  The use of regenerators in conjunction with industrial gas turbines substantially increase cycle efficiency and provide an impetus to energy management by reducing fuel consumption up to 30%.
  • The the term “regenerative heat exchanger” is used for this system in which the heat transfer between two streams is affected by the exposure of a third medium alternately to the two flows.
  • The heat flows successively into and out of the third medium, which undergoes a cyclic temperature.
  •  In a recuperative heat exchanger each element of the heat-transferring surface has a constant temperature and, by arranging the gas paths in contraflow, the temperature distribution in the matrix in the direction of flow is that giving optimum performance for the given heat-transfer conditions?
  • This optimum temperature distribution can be achieved ideally in a contraflow regenerator and approached very closely in a cross-flow regenerator.


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