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AC motors

 AC motors

AC motors offer signifi cant advantages over their

DC counterparts. AC motors can, in most cases, duplicate the operation of DC motors and they are

significantly more reliable.

  The main reason for this is that the commutator arrangements (i.e. brushes

and slip-rings) fi tied to DC motors are inherently troublesome.

  Because the speed of an AC motor is determined by the frequency of the AC supply that

is applied it, AC motors are well suited to constant speed applications.


AC motors are generally classified into two types:

synchronous motors

induction motors.


The synchronous motor is effectively an AC generator (i.e. an alternator) operated as a motor. 

In this machine, AC is applied to the stator and DC is applied to the rotor.


The induction motor is different in that no source of AC or DC power is connected to

the rotor. Of these two types of AC motor, the induction motor is by far the most commonly used.

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