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Neutron Radiography

 Neutron Radiography

  • Neutron radiography is a nondestructive imaging technique that is capable of visualizing the internal characteristics of a sample. The transmission of neutrons through a medium is dependent upon the neutron cross sections for the nuclei in the medium. Differential attenuation of neutrons through a medium may be measured, mapped, and then visualized. The resulting image may then be utilized to analyze the internal characteristics of the sample. Neutron radiography is a complementary technique to X-ray radiography. Both techniques visualize the attenuation through a medium. The major advantage of neutron radiography is its ability to reveal light elements such as hydrogen found in corrosion products and water.
Moisture Detector
  • A moisture meter can be used to detect water in sandwich honeycomb structures. A moisture meter measures the radio frequency (RF) power loss caused by the presence of water. The moisture meter is often used to detect moisture in nose radomes.

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