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Effect of Load Distribution
technical 05 May 2021
  Effect of Load Distribution The effect of the position of the CG on the load imposed on an aircraft’s wing in fl ight is significant to cl...
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Frise-Type Ailerons
technical 04 May 2021
Frise-Type Ailerons With a frise-type aileron, when pressure is applied to the control wheel or control stick, the aileron that is being rai...
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Mechanical flight control system
technical 03 May 2021
Mechanical flight control system As aviation matured and aircraft designers learned more about aerodynamics, the industry produced larger an...
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 Shock Waves
technical 02 May 2021
  Shock Waves When an airplane flies at subsonic speeds, the air ahead is “warned” of the airplane’s coming by a pressure change transmitted...
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 Principles of Weight and Balance Computations
technical 01 May 2021
  Principles of Weight and Balance Computations It might be advantageous at this point to review and discuss some of the basic principles of...
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technical 30 April 2021
  Airspeed Airspeed limitations are shown on the airspeed indicator (ASI) by color coding and on placards or graphs in the aircraft. A red l...
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Airfoil Design
technical 29 April 2021
  Airfoil Design An airfoil is a structure designed to obtain reaction upon its surface from the air through which it moves or that moves pa...
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technical 28 April 2021
Semimonocoque Semimonocoque construction, partial or one-half, uses a substructure to which the airplane’s skin is attached. The substructur...
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technical 27 April 2021
Monocoque Monocoque construction uses stressed skin to support almost all loads much like an aluminum beverage can.   Although very strong, ...
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Atmospheric Pressure
technical 26 April 2021
Atmospheric Pressure Although there are various kinds of pressure, pilots are mainly concerned with atmospheric pressure. It is one of the b...
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Adverse Yaw
technical 25 April 2021
Adverse Yaw Since the downward deflected aileron produces more lift as evidenced by the wing raising, it also produces more drag. This added...
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The stall situation
technical 24 April 2021
The stall situation The stall situation can be aggravated by a T-tail configuration, which affords little or no pre-stall warning in the for...
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 Interference Drag
technical 23 April 2021
  Interference Drag Interference drag comes from the intersection of airstreams that creates eddy currents, turbulence, or restricts smooth ...
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technical 22 April 2021
  Drag Drag is the force that resists the movement of an aircraft through the air.   There are two basic types: parasite drag and induced dr...
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 Wingtip Vortices
technical 21 April 2021
  Wingtip Vortices   Formation of Vortices The action of the airfoil that gives an aircraft lift also causes induced drag. When an airfoil i...
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 Magneto-Ignition Timing Devices
technical 20 April 2021
  Magneto-Ignition Timing Devices Built-In Engine Timing Reference Marks Most reciprocating engines have timing reference marks built into...
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Crankcase Sections
technical 19 April 2021
 Crankcase Sections The foundation of an engine is the crankcase. It contains the bearings and bearing supports in which the crankshaft revo...
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Spark plug gap erosion
technical 18 April 2021
  Spark plug gap erosion The spark carries with it a portion of the electrode, part of which is deposited on the other electrode. The remain...
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The Powerplant
technical 16 April 2021
The Powerplant The powerplant usually includes both the engine and the propeller. The primary function of the engine is to provide the power...
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Landing Gear
technical 15 April 2021
  Landing Gear The landing gear is the principal support of the airplane when parked or cpz , taxiing, taking off, or landing. The most comm...
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