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The artificial horizon:
technical 17 December 2021
 The artificial horizon It restores the position of the natural horizon when it is not visible (night and cloud flight). It then becomes pos...
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What Is Composite Materials?
technical 28 November 2021
  What Are Composite Materials? A composite material is a combination of two materials with different  physical and  chemical properties. Wh...
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 Turboprop Engine Concept
technical 19 November 2021
 Turboprop Engine Concept   The turboprop engine is a variant of a jet engine that has been optimized to drive a propeller. Turboprop equi...
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 Digital fundamentals Logic gates
technical 31 October 2021
 Digital fundamentals Logic gates   Digital fundamentals we introduce the basic building blocks of the digital logic systems found in mode...
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Neutron Radiography
technical 25 October 2021
  Neutron Radiography Neutron radiography is a nondestructive imaging technique that is capable of visualizing the internal characteristics ...
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Polarized relays
technical 09 October 2021
  Polarized relays These are used in control circuits with very low voltages or currents; the relay is extremely sensitive and can respond t...
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technical 01 September 2021
WHAT IS EWIS ALL ABOUT ? Electrical Wiring InterConnection System (EWIS) It is any wire, wiring device or termination device installed in an...
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Coriolis Force
technical 12 August 2021
  Coriolis Force In general atmospheric circulation theory, areas of low pressure exists over the equatorial regions and areas of high press...
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technical 02 July 2021
  inverter  Modern aircraft equipment is based on the static inverter; it is solid-state, i.e. it has no moving parts.   The DC power supply...
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technical 01 July 2021
Engine Noise Supression   Aircraft powered by gas turbine engines sometimes require noise suppression for the engine exhaust gases when oper...
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 Internal Muffler Failures
technical 24 June 2021
  Internal Muffler Failures Internal failures (baffles, diffusers, etc.) can cause partial or complete engine power loss by restricting the ...
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Airport Beacon
technical 23 June 2021
  Airport Beacon Airport beacons help a pilot identify an airport at night. The beacons are operated from dusk till dawn. Sometimes they are...
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Convective Currents
technical 20 May 2021
Convective Currents   Different surfaces radiate heat in varying amounts. Plowed ground, rocks, sand, and barren land give off a large amoun...
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Airspeed Indicator (ASI)
technical 13 May 2021
Airspeed Indicator (ASI) The ASI is a sensitive, differential pressure gauge which measures and promptly indicates the difference between pi...
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technical 11 May 2021
  Altimeter The altimeter is an instrument that measures the height of an aircraft above a given pressure level.   Pressure levels are discu...
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Oxygen Masks
technical 10 May 2021
Oxygen Masks   There are numerous types and designs of oxygen masks in use. The most important factor in an oxygen mask use is to insure the...
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Oxygen Systems
technical 09 May 2021
Oxygen system regulator Most high altitude aircraft come equipped with some type of fixed oxygen installation.   If the aircraft does not ha...
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technical 08 May 2021
  Cannula A cannula is an ergonomic piece of plastic tubing which runs under the nose and is often used to administer oxygen in non-pressuri...
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Pulse Oximeters
technical 07 May 2021
  Pulse Oximeters A pulse oximeter is a device that measures the amount of oxygen in an individual’s blood, in addition to heart rate. This ...
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technical 12 April 2021
  FABRICATION OF STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS The introduction of all-metal, stressed skin aircraft resulted in methods and types of fabrication wh...
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