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Coating the Fabric
technical 01 December 2020
Coating the Fabric Is defined as sealer coat in most the fabric covering processes is applied after all finishing tapes have been installed ...
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Rivet Nut
technical 30 November 2020
  Rivet Nut Is defined that  is a blind installed, internally-threaded rivet invented in 1936 by the Goodrich Rubber Company for the purpose...
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Aircraft Bleed Air leak
technical 29 November 2020
Aircraft Bleed Air leak Is defined that are  sourced from a Turbine engine, refers to the compressed air, taken from within the engine comp...
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Stability of Aircraft
technical 28 November 2020
Stability of Aircraft  An aircraft must have sufficient stability to maintain a uniform flightpath and recover from the various upsetting fo...
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Crack stoppers
technical 27 November 2020
Crack stoppers How are they Saving a Pressurized Aircraft fuselage from being ripped apart by the Cyclic loads & avoiding Disasters? Bac...
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 Forces Acting on the Helicopter
technical 26 November 2020
  Forces Acting on the Helicopter the differences between a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft is the main source of lift . The fixed-wing...
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 Tail Rotor Tracking
technical 25 November 2020
  Tail Rotor Tracking The marking and electronic methods of tail rotor tracking are explained in the following paragraphs . Marking Method...
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technical 24 November 2020
Protractors    Protractors Is defined as a   tools for measuring angles in degrees. Various types of protractors are used to determine the ...
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 Difference Between Jet Fuel and Gasoline
technical 23 November 2020
  Difference Between Jet Fuel and Gasoline The two types are Aviationfuel   and  gasoline  are very different for multiple reasons. aviatio...
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technical 22 November 2020
  Grommets Is used to create reinforced drain holes in the aircraft fabric. Usually made of aluminum or plastic, they are glued or doped i...
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Aviation Industry
technical 21 November 2020
  Aviation Industry What are Pre-pregs ?, How have they Revolutionized the Aviation Industry? How Can Airlines Optimize Usage? The Prepregs...
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 Swash Plate Assembly
technical 20 November 2020
  Swash Plate Assembly This device is has a purpose that  is to transmit control inputs from the collective and cyclic controls to the main ...
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Wing Flap and Spoiler Recesses (Piano hinge)
technical 19 November 2020
Wing Flap and Spoiler Recesses   ( Piano hinge ) Sometimes Dirt and water may collect in a flap and spoiler recesses unnoticed because they ...
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technical 18 November 2020
  Ruddervators     Flight Controls and the Lateral Axis    Is defined as a line that runs below the wing, from wingtip to wingtip, passing t...
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Gauge Pressure
technical 17 November 2020
  Gauge Pressure Is defined as a ( psig ) is a reading that refers to when an instrument, such as an oil pressure gauge, fuel pressure gauge...
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