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Tie-Down Procedures for Land Planes
technical 14 June 2021
  Tie-Down Procedures for Land Planes Securing Light Aircraft Light aircraft are most often secured with ropes tied only at the aircraft tie...
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Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
technical 13 June 2021
  Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) extinguishers are used for Class A, B, and C fires, extinguishing the fire by depr...
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 airspeed indicator
technical 12 June 2021
 airspeed indicator Enhancements to the Primary Flight Instruments Some PFDs offer enhancements to the primary flight instruments . airspeed...
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Autopilot Concepts
technical 11 June 2021
Autopilot Concepts An autopilot can be capable of many very time intensive tasks, helping the pilot focus on the overall status of the aircr...
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technical 10 June 2021
  Flight Director Flight Director Functions An FD is an extremely useful aid that displays cues to guide pilot or autopilot control inputs...
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How to do safety wire locking ?
technical 09 June 2021
  How to do safety wire locking? Loose  hardware or components have led to  accidents , many of them  fatal . Safety wiring, or positive wir...
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Differential ailerons
technical 06 June 2021
 Differential ailerons Here, again, is a delightfully simple device suffering only from the same defect that, although it provides a step in...
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Mass balance
technical 05 June 2021
 Mass balance Control surfaces are often balanced in quite a different sense. A mass is fitted in front of the hinge. This is partly to pr...
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technical 03 June 2021
Buoyancy A solid body submerged in a liquid or a gas weighs less than when weighed in free space. This is because of the upward force, calle...
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Boyle’s Law
technical 03 June 2021
Boyle’s Law As previously stated, compressibility is an outstanding characteristic of gases. The English scientist, Robert Boyle, was among ...
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technical 02 June 2021
  Stress Whenever a machine is in operation, be it a simple machine like a lever or a screw, or a a more complex machine like an aircraft pi...
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technical 01 June 2021
Mechanical Hydraulic Actuator   the conventional linear actuator powered by a dual hydraulic power supply system (viz. blue channel and gree...
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propeller protractor
technical 31 May 2021
 propeller protractor Protractors are tools for measuring angles in degrees.   Various types of protractors are used to determine the travel...
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Autopilot Systems
technical 30 May 2021
Autopilot Systems   In a single-pilot environment, an autopilot system can greatly reduce workload.   As a result, the pilot is free to focu...
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Radar Observations
technical 29 May 2021
  Radar Observations Weather observers use four types of radar to provide information about precipitation, wind, and weather systems. The WS...
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Climb Performance
technical 28 May 2021
Climb Performance Climb performance is a result of using the aircrafts potential energy provided by one, or a combination of two factors.   ...
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technical 27 May 2021
SECTION INSPECTION (Basic)   WHICH PARTS ARE INVOLVED? A hot section inspection (HSI) involves examining the condition of the  turbine  blad...
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Honeycomb Structure
technical 26 May 2021
Honeycomb Structure Theory A sandwich construction is a  structural  panel concept that consists in its simplest form of two relatively thin...
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Interference Drag
technical 25 May 2021
Interference Drag Interference drag comes from the the intersection of airstreams that creates eddy currents, turbulence, or restricts smoot...
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 The Vertical Card Magnetic Compass
technical 24 May 2021
  The Vertical Card Magnetic Compass The floating magnet type of compass not only has all the errors just described, but also lends itself...
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