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technical 04 October 2021
Regulators We know from basic theory that a generator’s output  will vary depending on the input shaft speed. A  means of regulating the gen...
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technical 02 October 2021
  Relay configurations The simplest relay has two contact surfaces that provide a link between circuits; these links are referred to as po...
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technical 01 October 2021
Turnbuckles A turnbuckle assembly is a mechanical screw device consisting of two threaded terminals and a threaded barrel. Turnbuckles are...
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How to Remove Damage screw❗️
technical 15 September 2021
  How to Remove Damage screw ❗ ️ 1.Penetrating Fluids, The first line of offense in removing  seized fasteners —before you damage them compl...
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 Convection and Impingement Cooling/Strut Insert Design
technical 13 September 2021
  Convection and Impingement Cooling/Strut Insert Design The strut insert design has a mid chord section that is convection-cooled through h...
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 reaction turbine
technical 12 September 2021
  reaction turbine The axial-flow reaction turbine is the most widely used turbine. In a reaction turbine, both the nozzles and blades act a...
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 Compressor Stall
technical 11 September 2021
 Compressor Stall There are three distinct stall phenomena. Rotating stall and individual blade stall are aerodynamic phenomena. Stall flutt...
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 Compressor Surge
technical 10 September 2021
  Compressor Surge Compressor surge is a phenomenon of considerable interest; yet it is not fully understood. It is a form of unstable opera...
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Blade and Cascade Nomenclature
technical 09 September 2021
  Blade and Cascade Nomenclature Since airfoils are employed in accelerating and diffusing the air in a compressor, much of the theory and r...
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 Impeller Fabrication
technical 08 September 2021
  Impeller Fabrication Centrifugal-compressor impellers are either shrouded or unshrouded. Open, shrouded impellers that are mainly used in ...
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Can-annular and annular
technical 06 September 2021
  Can-annular and annular   In aircraft applications where the frontal area is important, either can-annular or annular designs are used to ...
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technical 04 September 2021
  Combustors All gas turbine combustors perform the same function: they increase the temperature of the high-pressure gas. The gas turbine c...
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technical 03 September 2021
  Regenerators Heavy-duty regenerators are designed for applications in large gas turbines in the 1–50 MW range.  The use of regenerators in...
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Centrifugal flow compressors
technical 02 September 2021
  Centrifugal flow compressors   Centrifugal compressors are used in small gas turbines and are the driven units in most gas turbine compres...
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 The danger of Bird strike
technical 01 September 2021
  The danger of Bird strike A bird strike usually occurs when a moving airplane collides with a bird. The bird can hit any part of an airpla...
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technical 01 September 2021
  Micro-Turbines Micro-turbines usually refers to units of less than 350 kW. These units are usually powered by either diesel fuel or natura...
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 Equipment for Removal of Particulates and Liquids from Fuel  Gas Systems
technical 29 August 2021
  Equipment for Removal of Particulates and Liquids from Fuel Gas Systems Clean-up equipment must address both solids andliquids removal pr...
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Transpiration Cooling Design
technical 29 August 2021
  Transpiration Cooling Design   This design has a strut-supported porous shell. The shell attached to the strut is of wire from a porous ma...
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 APU Fluid Barrier seal/Gutters
technical 27 August 2021
  APU Fluid Barrier seal/Gutters Airbus has recommended the embodiment of SB A320-52-1152, mostly on the Latest A320F Neo which introduces a...
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why does the Max loading celling height(Zebra lines) give a 2in space to the top of cargo hold mostly?
technical 25 August 2021
  why does the Max loading ceiling height(Zebra lines) give a 2in space to the top of cargo hold mostly? The main reason behind this is to e...
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