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Convective Currents
technical 20 May 2021
Convective Currents   Different surfaces radiate heat in varying amounts. Plowed ground, rocks, sand, and barren land give off a large amoun...
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Wind Patterns
technical 19 May 2021
Wind Patterns In the Northern Hemisphere, the fl ow of air from areas of high to low pressure is deflected to the right and produces a clock...
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Magnetic Compass
technical 18 May 2021
  Magnetic Compass One of the oldest and simplest instruments for indicating direction is the magnetic compass. It is also one of the basic ...
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Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
technical 17 May 2021
Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) Electronic flight displays have replaced free-spinning gyros with solid-state laser systems tha...
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Gyroscopic Flight Instruments
technical 16 May 2021
Gyroscopic Flight Instruments Several fl ight instruments utilize the properties of a gyroscope for their operation. The most common instrum...
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 Air Data Computer (ADC)
technical 15 May 2021
  Air Data Computer (ADC) Electronic fl ight displays utilize the the same type of instrument inputs as traditional analog gauges; however, ...
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 Blocked Static System
technical 14 May 2021
  Blocked Static System If the static system becomes blocked but the pitot tube remains clear, the ASI continues to operate; however, it is ...
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Airspeed Indicator (ASI)
technical 13 May 2021
Airspeed Indicator (ASI) The ASI is a sensitive, differential pressure gauge which measures and promptly indicates the difference between pi...
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Effect of Nonstandard Pressure and Temperature
technical 12 May 2021
Effect of Nonstandard Pressure and Temperature It is easy to maintain a consistent height above ground if the barometric pressure and temper...
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technical 11 May 2021
  Altimeter The altimeter is an instrument that measures the height of an aircraft above a given pressure level.   Pressure levels are discu...
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Oxygen Masks
technical 10 May 2021
Oxygen Masks   There are numerous types and designs of oxygen masks in use. The most important factor in an oxygen mask use is to insure the...
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Oxygen Systems
technical 09 May 2021
Oxygen system regulator Most high altitude aircraft come equipped with some type of fixed oxygen installation.   If the aircraft does not ha...
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technical 08 May 2021
  Cannula A cannula is an ergonomic piece of plastic tubing which runs under the nose and is often used to administer oxygen in non-pressuri...
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Pulse Oximeters
technical 07 May 2021
  Pulse Oximeters A pulse oximeter is a device that measures the amount of oxygen in an individual’s blood, in addition to heart rate. This ...
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technical 06 May 2021
  TKS weeping wing anti-ice Another type of leading-edge protection is the thermal anti-ice system.   Heat provides one of the most effectiv...
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Effect of Load Distribution
technical 05 May 2021
  Effect of Load Distribution The effect of the position of the CG on the load imposed on an aircraft’s wing in fl ight is significant to cl...
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Frise-Type Ailerons
technical 04 May 2021
Frise-Type Ailerons With a frise-type aileron, when pressure is applied to the control wheel or control stick, the aileron that is being rai...
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Mechanical flight control system
technical 03 May 2021
Mechanical flight control system As aviation matured and aircraft designers learned more about aerodynamics, the industry produced larger an...
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 Shock Waves
technical 02 May 2021
  Shock Waves When an airplane flies at subsonic speeds, the air ahead is “warned” of the airplane’s coming by a pressure change transmitted...
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