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 APU Fluid Barrier seal/Gutters
technical 27 August 2021
  APU Fluid Barrier seal/Gutters Airbus has recommended the embodiment of SB A320-52-1152, mostly on the Latest A320F Neo which introduces a...
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White Smoke/Mist On Aircraft That Blows Into The Cabin
technical 26 August 2021
  White Smoke/Mist On Aircraft That Blows Into The Cabin The white mist you often see in aircraft cabin during air conditioning packs operat...
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why does the Max loading celling height(Zebra lines) give a 2in space to the top of cargo hold mostly?
technical 25 August 2021
  why does the Max loading ceiling height(Zebra lines) give a 2in space to the top of cargo hold mostly? The main reason behind this is to e...
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 Pack mean on commercial/ Buisness Jets Airconditioning system
technical 23 August 2021
   Pack mean on commercial/ Buisness Jets Airconditioning system Most of us in the Aircraft Maintenance industry are well familiar with the ...
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Airloc Fasteners
technical 21 August 2021
  Airloc Fasteners   The Airloc fastener consists of three parts: a stud, a cross pin, and a stud receptacle.   The studs are manufactured...
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 Preflight /Walkaround Inspection.
technical 21 August 2021
  Preflight /Walkaround Inspection. A preflight inspection (also called a walk around) is an essential requirement before an aircraft flies!...
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Ultrasonic Instruments
technical 20 August 2021
Ultrasonic  Instruments   A the portable, the battery-powered ultrasonic instrument is used for field inspection of airplane structure. The ...
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technical 18 August 2021
  TYPES OF CORROSION     All corrosive attacks begin on the surface of the metal making the classification of corrosion by physical appearan...
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P30 pressure sensor
technical 17 August 2021
  P30 pressure sensor P30 pressure sensor manifold - Dry trough vacuum The purpose of P30 is to provide the EEC with a sense of HP Compresso...
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 Aneroid barometer
technical 14 August 2021
  Aneroid barometer To provide a common reference, the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) has been established.  These standard conditi...
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Coriolis Force
technical 12 August 2021
  Coriolis Force In general atmospheric circulation theory, areas of low pressure exists over the equatorial regions and areas of high press...
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Power Transfer Unit
technical 30 July 2021
  Power Transfer Unit The PTU is a fixed-displacement, unidirectional device used to transfer fluid power from hydraulic system 1 to hydraul...
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technical 27 July 2021
  Engine-Driven Pump The hydraulic system uses an EDP to supply the pressurized hydraulic fluid for the flight control system and utility sy...
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Hydraulic Reservoir
technical 24 July 2021
  Hydraulic Reservoir The hydraulic reservoir is used to hold the volume of fluid, transfer heat from the system, allow solid contaminants t...
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technical 23 July 2021
  Hydraulic Accumulator The hydraulic accumulator is an energy storage device in which one end is closed and another is connected to the hyd...
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Turbine Section
technical 20 July 2021
  Turbine Section The turbine transforms a portion of the kinetic (velocity) energy of the exhaust gases into mechanical energy to drive the...
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technical 19 July 2021
  blades The blades are retained in their respective grooves by a variety of methods, the more common of which are peening, welding, lock ta...
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Turbofan Engines
technical 18 July 2021
  Turbofan Engines The turbofan gas turbine engine is, in principle, the same as a turboprop, except that the propeller is replaced by a duc...
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Fuel/Air Mixtures
technical 17 July 2021
  Fuel/Air Mixtures Gasoline and other liquid fuels do not burn at all unless they are mixed with air. If the mixture is to burn properly wi...
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