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 Battery locations
technical 22 October 2021
  Battery locations An aircraft is fitted with one or two main batteries depending on its size and role. The battery is located as close as ...
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Bourdon tube
technical 17 October 2021
Bourdon tube The Bourdon tube was invented by Eugène Bourdon (1808–84), a French watchmaker and engineer. The pressure-sensing element is a ...
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 Temperature transducers
technical 15 October 2021
  Temperature transducers Aircraft use a variety of temperature transducers, or  sensing devices, ranging from the simple bi-metallic  strip...
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technical 15 October 2021
  Micro-switches These are used to sense if a device has moved or has reached its limit of travel, e.g. flap drive or undercarriage mechanis...
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AC motors
technical 13 October 2021
  AC motors AC motors offer signifi cant advantages over their DC counterparts. AC motors can, in most cases, duplicate the operation of DC ...
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 Storage cells
technical 11 October 2021
  Storage cells The basic function of any electrical cell is the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy. The cells can be co...
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technical 10 October 2021
  The  toggle switch   is a very basic device that illustrates its internal schematic and external features. Operating the lever/arm opens a...
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Polarized relays
technical 09 October 2021
  Polarized relays These are used in control circuits with very low voltages or currents; the relay is extremely sensitive and can respond t...
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 Proximity switch electronic unit
technical 06 October 2021
  Proximity switch electronic unit Some aircraft are installed with a proximity switch electronic unit (PSEU). This unit receives the positi...
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technical 04 October 2021
Regulators We know from basic theory that a generator’s output  will vary depending on the input shaft speed. A  means of regulating the gen...
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technical 02 October 2021
  Relay configurations The simplest relay has two contact surfaces that provide a link between circuits; these links are referred to as po...
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technical 01 October 2021
Turnbuckles A turnbuckle assembly is a mechanical screw device consisting of two threaded terminals and a threaded barrel. Turnbuckles are...
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How to Remove Damage screw❗️
technical 15 September 2021
  How to Remove Damage screw ❗ ️ 1.Penetrating Fluids, The first line of offense in removing  seized fasteners —before you damage them compl...
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 Convection and Impingement Cooling/Strut Insert Design
technical 13 September 2021
  Convection and Impingement Cooling/Strut Insert Design The strut insert design has a mid chord section that is convection-cooled through h...
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 reaction turbine
technical 12 September 2021
  reaction turbine The axial-flow reaction turbine is the most widely used turbine. In a reaction turbine, both the nozzles and blades act a...
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 Compressor Stall
technical 11 September 2021
 Compressor Stall There are three distinct stall phenomena. Rotating stall and individual blade stall are aerodynamic phenomena. Stall flutt...
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 Compressor Surge
technical 10 September 2021
  Compressor Surge Compressor surge is a phenomenon of considerable interest; yet it is not fully understood. It is a form of unstable opera...
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Blade and Cascade Nomenclature
technical 09 September 2021
  Blade and Cascade Nomenclature Since airfoils are employed in accelerating and diffusing the air in a compressor, much of the theory and r...
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 Impeller Fabrication
technical 08 September 2021
  Impeller Fabrication Centrifugal-compressor impellers are either shrouded or unshrouded. Open, shrouded impellers that are mainly used in ...
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